I am a weaver—of content, intentions, media, agendas and desires. I am interested in the invisible webs that tie people together and in the networks of systems and relationships that structure our lives as we move together in history. Installations, many of which are interactive, along with the internet, are the spaces that I have found where those threads meet in order to weave that tapestry of relationships and make other connections — using a very personal as well as a very collective approach.

My practice employs a multidisciplinary approach that includes a process of inquiry and often hinges on collaboration, dialogue, research and observation. I attempt to identify “patterns” and locate the forms derived from these patterns, as multifaceted configurations of reality in its various dimensions—physical, psychological, political.

One of my primary drives is to energize and influence positive societal change. I strive to create worlds where there is a ripple effect; where stories accumulate, people share, and where art can be used to map out new understandings and innovative processes of decision making and information sharing that go beyond the superfluous and the trivial to address and effect deep societal issues. Out of these strategies, I want to create a space where all these threads of individual and collective revelations are inscribed in order to enable us to imagine a world in which all our relationships—obvious and implicit—can be illuminated, grasped and rewoven.

- Alison Cornyn